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The Trabian Mid-Year Report, 2023

By trey July 19, 2023 Company

by Trey Reeme I always love July because it’s a great time to look back at my goals for the year, assess progress, and make adjustments. Likewise, for Trabian the July lookback is incredibly useful for celebrating wins and evaluating our progress against our roadmap. From getting our SOC 2 to turning the big 2-0 and launching our new website, …

Ten Lessons from 20 Years of Trabian

By c_admin June 23, 2023 Company

It was 2003 and the Dotcom Bubble had already burst. Businesses who were still standing and willing to bet on the Internet were finding a new way forward.  In that year, Matt led a couple of college friends including myself to start building websites. We didn’t know how it would all turn out – we were just focused on solving one set of …

Building meaningful things with friends

By Anonymous April 19, 2021 Company

My first draft of this post started with “Trabian will soon be old enough to vote”, but that’s only true of the “, Inc.” added in 2003. Trabian actually passed that threshold years ago. I registered in February of 2000 just days after I turned twenty, which means that Trabian is older than I was when I created it and has been …