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Case studies from real Trabian clients

SmartyPig with a radiant field of light behind him


Over the last few years, the team at SmartyPig has grown an impressive online following, conducted multiple sweepstakes with hundreds of thousands of entries, and has leaned consistently on Trabian’s creative services group for the work behind it all.

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RiverBank's home page


What happens when a client whose website hasn’t undergone a major update in years decides to “push the boat out” and embark on a new adventure?

The client was RiverBank, a $125 Million business and personal bank in Spokane, Washington. Their organization was rapidly changing, and they were excited to create something that was the complete opposite of their existing brand. They called on Trabian to help.

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Chesapeake Bank branded debit cards

Chesapeake Bank

Chesapeake Bank turned a simple idea for a digital debit card into a reality with the help of Trabian and our long history of collaboration with some of tech's biggest players.

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