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The Trabian Mid-Year Report, 2023


by Trey Reeme

I always love July because it’s a great time to look back at my goals for the year, assess progress, and make adjustments. Likewise, for Trabian the July lookback is incredibly useful for celebrating wins and evaluating our progress against our roadmap.

From getting our SOC 2 to turning the big 2-0 and launching our new website, we’ve passed some big milestones. Our projects are connecting banks to their customers in meaningful new ways too - for example, we helped Chesapeake Bank launch their Digital Debit Card in the first quarter. As we ramped up our outreach, we ended the second quarter with a record-setting roster of clients and projects, and more impact and momentum than we’ve ever seen in our two decades of business.


Digital Banking Integrations

We’ve completed twenty-three digital banking integrations across five different digital banking platforms in the first half of 2023. The second half of the year is lining up nicely as we’ve signed and slotted 20 more projects on platforms including Alkami, Banno, Constellation, and Q2.


Website Redesigns

We launched six redesigned websites, plus our very own, on which you might be reading these very words. We’ve got five additional website projects in various stages of design and development for banks and fintechs that’ll be unveiled before year-end.


Improved Workflows and Data Automation

We’ve been busy helping several strategic partners improve business-critical workflows, increase automation, and simplify integrations. Our experiences helping our clients take a strategic approach to data should lead to some fascinating case studies in coming months.

Beyond our business accomplishments

Last but not least, we can’t talk about 2023 so far without bragging on our employees and their personal accomplishments. Collectively we’ve had a big year with such impressive feats as: celebrating the birth of a new child, completing major home and office remodels, moving to new cities, earning a new degree, and one adventurous Trabianite even receiving their pilot’s license!

Most importantly, we’re making a huge impact for our customers and we’re blown away that we’ve achieved a perfect 100% customer satisfaction score on completed projects in the first half of the year! WOW!

As we move into the second half, some of ways we’ll continue building on the success from the previous two quarters include getting more of our team involved with our data engineering practice as the demand for our expertise continues to increase in that area, exploring integration opportunities on new-to-us digital banking platforms, and continuing to partner with our clients to help them achieve their own goals and finish the year strong.